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Illinois LAtino Council on Higher Education

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Illinois Latin@ Council on Higher Education ILACHE 2020 Strategic Plan
Adopted on March 4, 2016 

About Us
ILACHE is a statewide organization dedicated to Latin@ progress through the facilitation of leadership, identification of best practices, educational innovation, and the continued development of a strong and cohesive Latin@ higher education community focused on program development, policy reform, and the dissemination of reports, data and policy related research. ILACHE creates awareness of issues, advocates for the advancement of Latin@s in higher education, including the improvement of outcomes at every level of representation in Illinois educational institutions. ILACHE provides a forum for educators, community representatives, and activists to collectively facilitate the professional and social advancement of Latin@s.

ILACHE is the preeminent advocate, change agent, and voice for Latin@s in Illinois higher education. It continues to strive to become a more effective leadership vehicle aimed at transforming higher education in the state.

The mission of the Illinois Latin@ Council on Higher Education is to work collaboratively with colleges, universities and other stakeholders to increase the access, retention, and advancement of Latin@ students, faculty and staff in Illinois higher education institutions.

Core Values

  • Comunidad – ILACHE is committed to building community among its members and allies who are interested in becoming change agents for Latin@s in higher education. 
  • Equity – ILACHE is dedicated to advocating for fairness and equality for Latin@s in higher education. 
  • Access and Opportunities – ILACHE promotes fair representation and inclusive participation for students, staff and faculty in higher education. Leadership –ILACHE is committed to developing leaders to improve the educational, professional and social advancement of the Latin@ community. 
  • Collaboration – ILACHE values developing and maintaining partnerships with K-12 systems, community organizations, public officials, business leaders, and colleges and universities in support of Latin@s in higher education. 
  • Transformation and Empowerment – ILACHE is dedicated to institutional change in order to address Latin@ needs and promote advancement at all levels of the academy. 
Strategic Goals and Action Steps

Goal 1: Development of educational programs Valverde’s framework: “From describing problems to exposing causes;” this goal focuses on the development of educational programs aimed at preparing individuals to serve the Latin@ higher education community.

Action Steps

1.1 Continue to develop, assess, and promote the ILACHE Leadership Institute

1.2 Continue to partner with IALHEA to offer Annual Black and Latin@ Dialogue and Student Research forum

1.3 Educate current and future higher education individuals using the Storming the gates historical video

1.4 Create a college recruitment and outreach program

1.5 Develop webinars, online forums, and workshops (e.g., grant writing, best practices, partnership with public officials) to focus on Latin@
       student retention, graduation and success as well as career opportunities

Goal 2: Building a strong and cohesive Latin@ higher education community Valverde’s framework: “From close to an open system” focuses on avoiding closed circles that do not recruit others to participate in the organizations’ activities. This goal centers on strategies to build “one voice” for Latin@s in higher education.

Action Steps

2.1 Continue to offer and strengthen ILACHE’s Annual Professional and Student Conference. Develop a space for contributions from members and other Latin@ leaders

2.2 Develop ILACHE state regional chapters based at higher education institutions throughout the state.

2.3 Increase membership engagement by developing a membership structure for new members, honorary ILACHE board members as well as institutional and associate members. Redesign membership processes and develop benefits for members. Develop membership identity through member cards, resume collection, name badges, business cards and memorabilia. Increase networking opportunities. Develop a functional database

2.4 Strengthen ILACHE publications and social media to increase communication with stakeholders Integrate faculty, staff, students, families, and community

2.5 Develop strategies to outreach to more professionals, faculty and administrators 2.6 Develop a financial sustainability plan to fund current and new scholarships

2.7 Strengthen organizational structure including the use of technology (Dropbox and Wild Apricot) to strengthen efficiency and communication 2.8 Develop an Organization and Activity calendar and report deadlines and other events

2.9 Strengthen faculty and staff collaborations with individuals, cultural and academic centers, institutes and other Latin@ campus units and organizations

2.10 Develop a Board development program

2.11 Create an infrastructure, “ladder of engagement,” to support ILACHE that includes points of entry, to capacity building and board development

Goal 3: Best Practices and Research Valverde’s framework: “From imbalance to balance.” This goals focuses on sharing best practices and the dissemination of research and other educational and policy related information. It also cautions against complacency. We must continue to confront the power holders, especially when these elites refuse to respond to reason. We do not have the luxury to lapse into moderation at best we must be able to maintain a duality or balance; this combines highlighting institutional progress with identifying continued challenges.

Action Steps

3.1 Review and enhance the Policy work group to develop and disseminate regular policy briefs

3.2 Enhance the website by adding a feature for “members only” that includes Latin@ data and research resources (e.g., resources for parents, and undocumented students) and a page that highlights best practices

3.3 Use IACAC as a model of engagement to develop our own—ladder of engagement

Goal 4: Policy and Advocacy Valverde’s frameworks: “From being reactive to being proactive; from routine ceremonies to public recognition, and from superficial concerns to substantive concerns.” This goals focusing on strategies to become a more effective educational policy advocate for Latin@s in the state of Illinois.

Action Steps

4.1 Hold institutions of higher education responsible for the retention and graduation of students and the hiring and the promotion of Latin@ faculty and staff via an ILACHE Report Card. Identify what needs to be done at higher education institutions, including insuring Latin@ representation at al levels

4.2 Host legislative receptions and educational forums for stakeholders

4.3 Use recognition and ceremonies for advocacy and public relations

Goal 5: Leadership Valverde’s framework: “From joining the parade to leading parade”; this goals focuses on strategies to develop and support leaders at all levels.

Action Steps

5.1 Increase professional development opportunities for members to prepare and support them to enter and thrive in higher education

5.2 Continue to train leaders through the ILI initiative

5.3. Provide a historical context and increase outreach to new leaders through the “Storming the Gates” video

5.4. Continue to use the annual conference as a forum and gathering place of leaders

Goal 6: Collaboration and Partnerships Valverde’s framework: “From posturing to positioning” and “From working separately to connecting and cooperation,” this goal focuses on compiling an inventory of networks and making it a tangible asset for our community. This would include improving our resource pages online; charting our relationships with these organizations, and developing a Latin@-centered model that can maximize our efficiency, generate ideas, voice our mission, and issue calls for action

Action Steps

6.1 Support the initiatives of the ICBCHE, Illinois African American and Latin@s in Higher Education AllianceNew Majority Coalition (IALHEA/NMC)

6.2 Increase the partnerships with the Family Commission, Latin@ and Black Legislative Caucuses, Diversifying Faculty in Illinois (DFI), Latin@ Policy Forum, USHLI, Illinois Employment Association of Latin@s in State employment, HACE, IBIC, ICIRR, NIJC, Chicago public school outreach and work with Gabriel Lopez and his firm to better support the needs of Latin@s in higher education

6.3 Compile an inventory of networks

6.4 Develop relationships with foundations and economic sectors

Goal 7: Infrastructure and Capacity Building Valverde’s framework: “From joining the parade to leading the parade;” this goal focuses on strengthening ILACHE’s infrastructure and capacity for future generations in order to continue ILACHE’s primary role as an advocate for Latin@ educational progress through higher education.

Action Steps

7.1 Develop a Board transition plan

7.2 Develop and implement a Board training manual

7.3. Assign a Board member/s to serve as historian/archivist documenting ILACHE’s policy and other educational, community policy positions

7.4 Develop and disseminate the ILACHE annual report

7.5 Achieve financial sustainability

7.6 Request Board members to recommit on an annual basis

7.7 Integrate interns, graduate students and volunteers to assist with initiatives

7.8 Create a development team to help with fundraising and grant writing for scholarships as well as other needs

7.9 Board-Giving; tax-exempt letter 

* Quotes taken from Valverde’s recommendations for Latin@ professional organization development (2008).

Goals & Action Steps Activities Board Member (s) Responsible Expected date of Completion Board Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

a. President- Financial sustainability, legislative advocacy and overall administrative strategic planning.

b. Vice President of Membership- Develop a recruitment system, membership drive, and a two-year cycle for new members, and a mechanism to recruit institutional members and chapters. Need to be able to utilize WildApricot membership features.

c. Vice president Policy and Legislative Affairs- work with President on developing position papers to be used in Springfield and with legislators. Develop a legislative agenda and keep board informed of important legislative updates. Assist in the planning of press conferences and releases. d. Vice President of Communication and Marketing- Coordinate all outreach material to members to include: newsletter, website, blog, brochures, and any other related marketing documents.

e. Vice President of Academic and Professional Development- Coordinate the conference, plan webinars and workshops, networking events.

f. Treasurer – Budget reports and accounting, pay bills, complete tax documents, coordinate ad hoc scholarship committee, work on WildApricot to help reconcile payments

g. Secretary- Take meeting notes and attendance of Board meetings, work on conference committee, update bylaws as needed, and assist president with duties of office. In addition, the secretary will develop a process to recruit new board members and provide assistance to the vice president of membership with new board member orientation.

h. Webmaster – Manage and maintains web content and other technology platforms i.e., Wild Apricot.

i. Members at Large – Are voting members directors. Committee Structure Committee Description/Charge Leads & Members Membership,

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