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Illinois LAtino Council on Higher Education

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The mission of Illinois LAtino Council on Higher Education (ILACHE) is to work collaboratively with colleges, universities, and other stakeholders to increase the access, retention, and advancement of Latin@ students, faculty, and staff in Illinois higher education institutions.

ILACHE is a statewide organization dedicated to Latino progress through the development of educational programs, facilitation of leadership, identification of best practices, and the creation of a strong and cohesive Latin@ higher education community focused on advocacy, policy reform, and the dissemination of research and other educational and policy related information. ILACHE provides a forum for educators, community representatives, and other supporters to improve the educational, professional and social advancement of Latin@s.


ILACHE is the preeminent advocate, change agent, and voice for Latin@s in Illinois higher education. It continues to strive to become a more effective leadership vehicle aimed at transforming higher education in the state.  

Core Values 

ILACHE is committed to building community among its members and allies who are interested in becoming change agents for Latin@s in higher education. 

ILACHE is dedicated to advocating for fairness and equality for Latin@s in higher education.

Access and Opportunities
ILACHE promotes fair representation and inclusive participation for students, staff and faculty in higher education. 

ILACHE is committed to developing leaders to improve the educational, professional and social advancement of the Latin@ community.

ILACHE values developing and maintaining partnerships with K-12 systems, community organizations, public officials, business leaders, and colleges and universities in support of Latin@s in higher education.

Transformation and Empowerment
 ILACHE is dedicated to institutional change in order to address Latin@ needs and promote advancement at all levels of the academy. 

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