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28th Annual Professional and Student Development Conference

"Together we rise: Promoting Leadership, Affirming Identity and Demanding Equity in Higher Education."

April 15 & 16, 2021

Chicago, IL - Virtual


2021 Call for Workshop and Poster Proposal

The Illinois Latino Council on Higher Education (ILACHE), welcomes members and non-members to submit a workshop or poster proposal for our 28th Annual Conference. Faculty, staff, and students across disciplines are encouraged to submit workshop and poster proposals addressing this year's conference theme, "Together we rise: Promoting Leadership, Affirming Identity and Demanding Equity in Higher Education." 

Submission deadline: February 22 Extended to March 1

Notification to presenters: March 6

This year’s conference addresses major concerns Latinos are facing in higher education and in society. The aggressive anti-immigrant, anti-Latino White nationalist agenda is finding its way into higher education. It appears in the form of deteriorating support of Latino initiatives and shifting discourses that attempt to redefine diversity, adopting modified forms of “melting pot” and efficiency perspectives aimed at erasing or diluting the presence of Latinos on campuses. 

Our aim is to reaffirm and strengthen the action areas below to sustain and advance a Latino higher education agenda:


A fundamental goal of our educational civil rights agenda is the necessity for college access and effective academic support for Latino students. Higher education must reflect the Illinois population at all levels, including within the ranks of staff, faculty, and administration. Latinos must have equal opportunity for advancement. Panels might include case studies, current research, or best practices that focus on broadening representation across all areas of higher education.  


Latinos have once again become targets of insensitivity and hate, including disruptions by the rightwing. Effective policies and institutional mechanisms that prioritize the needs of historically underrepresented groups such as Latinos and other vulnerable populations, including LGBTQ, women, and undocumented students, are centrally important. Workshops and panels that highlight case studies, best practices, and research in related areas are wanted to address this conference theme.


While Latinos have been targeted on and off-campus, questions of identity remain a topic of much discussion among Latinos given its importance in the process of decolonization. How should we identify ourselves? Is there a need for a collective name that encompasses our multiethnic-multiracial communities? Is the arc of identity too broad or too narrow? We welcome sessions that can engage participants in an insightful and productive discussion exploring questions related to identity.


What is the role of leadership, and what is the kind and quality of leadership that is necessary to advance a Latino agenda in these dire times?  Sessions are needed that highlight the role and importance of Latino student leadership; Latinx faculty, staff, and employee councils; rainbow coalitions, and the role of Latino leadership in advancing equity, advocating for Latino needs, and affirming the presence of Latinos in higher education.

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