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2021 ILACHE Design Competition

Congratulations to Jacqueline Contreras a Community Health student at Northeastern Illinois University for being selected as the 2021 ILACHE conference poster design winner.

Jacqueline shared the following about her submission. "Together We Rise: Two hands can be seen at the bottom of the image upholding a book that is open with a fisted hand rising above. If we take a closer look, the hands have yellow/orange, blue, and green undertones. Much like plants need water(blue) and sunlight(yellow/orange) to grow, we too need to remember that those before us have set the pathway for us to grow (green). Our cultural identities are always a reminder that we are resilient and can overcome obstacles put ahead of us. The butterflies are symbolic of breaking these barriers and reminds us of the migration our Latinx ancestors, maybe even ourselves, took to get to where we are. The red flare is to symbolize the unity between our past and present, and our fierce bravery. The book represents education and divides the past (supporting hands) and present (fist), which symbolizes the knowledge that is passed on to the future. These symbols put together represent TOGETHER WE RISE: Promoting Leadership (book of knowledge, and supports), Affirming Identity (butterflies), and Demanding Equity (fist, red flare)."

Thank you Jacquline for your design and inspiring explanation!

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